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View Welcome to our Hive!
Welcome to our Hive!

A place where students are loved everyday! A place where students are challenged to strengthen their minds and explore new ideas without fear of failure. A place where we are encouraged to support and stand up for each other. A great place to learn!

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View Happy Birthday, McKenna!
Happy Birthday, McKenna!

We get to celebrate McKenna's special day sharing cupcakes and lots of laughs.

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View Math Groups A
Math Groups A

Students work in groups to create numbers. (greatest even number, greatest odd number, least even number, least odd number, etc.)

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View Math Groups B
Math Groups B

Each student takes turns creating a number and choosing which place to round their number. Then, they all share their answers and discuss mistakes with each other. (ones to hundred millions)

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View Math Groups C
Math Groups C

Students use base ten blocks to create two original pictures. Students add up the base ten blocks to find the value of the picture. Some pictures were added as whole numbers and some as decimal numbers. Then, students added and subtracted the numbers.

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View Math Groups D
Math Groups D

Students are given a number and colored tiles. Students use the number tiles to find all the factors of a given number.

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View Math Groups E
Math Groups E

Students rotate through groups. Study Island, Factors, and review rounding decimals and writing decimals in expanded form.

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