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Important Sites

Math Sites
Educational videos with quizzes to help students learn new math concepts in their grade level.

Educational site to help students learn multiplication, division, adding, and subtracting skills.  Students are able to choose the games they would like to play and choose the level of difficulty.

This site also has times quizzes for them to do to help them with their math probes.

Students can also access flash cards to review their facts.

Various games for students to explore different types of math problems.

Study Island

Students may work on the assigned topics using their username and password.

Study Island Username:


Study Island Password:


Cool Math 4 Kids - An amusement park of math and more designed for fun, fun, FUN!This site is great for students to do all kinds of math.  They can play games and puzzles along with doing flashcards and quizzes.

A Plus Math

A great site for students to go to for fluency with math facts.  Students can also get help learning math problems they are having difficulty doing.

Kids Numbers

Students can get help by playing games in numerous topics in math like adding, subtracting, multiplying and/or division.

Study Jams

This is an excellent site for students to visit.  Students may watch short video clips on various types of math concepts and take quizzes that example each answer.

Math Playground

Lots of math games, manipulatives, word problems, logic games, videos and more according to grade level.

IXL Math

Great site to help students review important concepts to prepare them for upcoming tests.

Math - Interactive Learning

This is an awesome site for students to go and look at various topics that are covered in 4th grade.  It gives them step by step illustrations to help them understand what is being taught.

Great Minds for Parents

Please use this link and look at what your child is learning in math.  These are some very useful tips for you as parents to understand how they are being taught.  This link has grade levels Prek - 8th grade.  Just click on the topic for 4th grade and it will give you some information that might help you answer questions.

Eureka Math Resources

This site is very beneficial for the students and the parents.  It has homework helpers for each module, important vocabulary to know, videos over lessons and games to help your child become more efficient in their math.  Take a few minutes and browse through each one to become familiar.

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Science Sites
Discovery Kids

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