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Supply List 

School Supply List


      • 4 glue sticks 

      • crayons (16 or 24 count) - no colored pencils or markers

      • student scissors

      • pencils

      • 2 or more large erasers

      • pencil bag (PENCIL BOXES WILL NOT BE ALLOWED!)

      • 1 box of tissue

      • Expo dry erase marker(s): package of 4 or more

      • 2 spiral notebooks

      • 1½ inch 3 ring binder (1 in. binders are TOO SMALL)

      • Girls: Germ X or any branch of instant hand sanitizer and gallon size Ziploc (or other brand) bags

      • Boys: Clorox, Lysol, or other brand cleaning/sanitizing wipes and sandwich size Ziploc (or other brand) bags

            *Please DO NOT write your child's name on any supplies.


  If you would like to donate additional supplies to our classroom, the following items would be greatly appreciated:


        • dry erase markers

        • highlighters

        • liquid glue

        • markers

        • Lysol sanitizing spray

        • colored copy/printer paper (please do not send construction paper)

        • fruit snacks

        • small toys and prizes for rewards

        • stickers

        • decorative pencils and erasers for rewards

Or you can visit our online wishlist here: Help Our Teachers. Visit