Ms.  Charlene  Tisby
Fourth Grade Gold - Science/Social Studies
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Class Schedule  

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Ms. Tisby's Schedule


7:30-7:50 Homeroom (Tisby)

7:50-8:35 Science (Harris)

8:35-9:20 Social Studies (Harris)

9:20-10:05 Science (Tillman)

10:05-10:30 Social Studies (Tillman)

10:30-11:20 Planning/Specials

11:20-11:50 Lunch

11:50-12:12 Recess/Restroom/Water break

12:15-1:05 RMI and AR

1:05-1:20 Social Studies (Tillman)

1:25-2:05 Science (Tisby)

2:05-2:45 Social Studies (Tisby)

2:45- Prepare to go home, clean floor and straighten desks, and 1st. bell line up and dismiss after-school detention.

2:50 1st. bell, car pick-ups, and after-school dismiss